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What Exactly Is Gunite?

First of all anyone that uses gunite for any project understands that no one knows what gunite is. This is of course normal as the majority of the population are not landscapers. Gunite was a solution for underground structures, slope stabilization, pools and structural repairs. The product is a mortar that is sprayed though a gun onto a surface at a high velocity. Shortcrete or gunite material is a mortar applied using a wet or dry process. After gunite has been sprayed it starts a process of consolidation and settling.

Advantages for my Custom Poolgunite pools ma

Advantages over normal concrete are:

  • Placed and consolidated at the same time which saves money!
  • Gunite maximum aggregate size of 3/8″
  • Will adhere to surfaces better than regular concrete.
  • Lower water-cementitious ratio than found in residential wall mixtures
  • Can be used with steel fiver that will be used in place of welded wire mesh
  • Using steel fibers in shotcrete will have higher strength, ductility, and increase overall toughness
  • Costs less then traditional concrete
  • Offers lower permeability and reduced shrinkage.

How is Gunite applied?

There are two types of Gunite either dry-applied or wet-applied. The dry method is when you put ingredients into a hopper and it pushes out through a hose to spray. Then a certified operator controls the addition of water at the nozzle that eventually combines once the gunite hits the surface. Dry Shotcrete has the benefit of adjusting the water being put into the mix. A method when the process involves frequent stops during application process like traffic.

Wet Shotcrete uses prepared concrete or ready-mix concrete. Air is used at the nozzle to propel the wet mixture over your pool. This process is most common because it produces less rebound and dust. Advantages of Wet Shotcrete is that it can be placed in larger volumes in less time. If you would like to create your own custom pool contact us here!




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