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Swimming Pool Renovations and Remodeling

swimming pool remodeled in massachusetts

Swimming pool remodeling and renovation are the processes of bringing an older and deteriorating pool to a like new or original condition.  Think of  it as a complete makeover where every repair is made, and a new facade created.  If your pool is showing its age, call Aqua Outdoor Environments in Massachusetts and see the amazing transformations that are possible.

Pool Restoration

Swimming pool restoration is the process of bringing back the original design.  If you desire to make your old pool new again, restoration is what you need.  Typically restoring a pool will involve new plaster, paint, tile, fixtures, concrete finishing, filter components, wiring, and plumbing.  When we are restoring a pool, we create a better than new product that will outlast the original design.  By employing the latest technology and modern materials we give you the all the benefits of a brand new pool while saving you a lot money.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

Pool remodeling is the process completely redesigning an existing pool into something quite different.  For example, a vibrant blue pool with white concrete decking could be transformed with brown stone decking, a realistic waterfall, and a natural interior finish.  If you are unhappy with the current design, you may want to consider a remodeling job.  We have expert designers that can show you numerous design features and finishes to help you develop a remodeling plan that best fits your home and outdoor space.

Benefits of Pool Renovation, Remodeling and Restoration

Of course the number one benefit of a swimming pool renovation project is the improved appearance and corresponding enjoyment level that you get from a good as new pool.  But there are also many other benefits that you may not be aware of, let’s look at a few.

  • Increased Home Value
  • Improved comfort with modern materials
  • Lower operating costs
  • Modern lighting save energy and improves appearance.
  • Improved water circulation.
  • Improved filtration for a cleaner pool at a lower cost.

Common features we offer with pool remodeling and restoration projects.

  • Landscape design
  • Design Services and 3D modeling
  • Gunite Repair
  • Pool Resurfacing – River Rok, or Pebble Tec finishes
  • Addition of  a spa or water feature
  • Modernized plumbing including new inlets, skimmers, drains, and jets
  • Coping and Tile Replacement
  • Addition of a fire feature such as a fireplace or fire pit.
  • Patio improvements including pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens, and wet bars.
  • Pool deck repairs & replacement

Swimming Pool SpaWe are outdoor space specialists.  From concept, to design, to construction; we carry clients through the entire process.  You may want to add a pavilion or gazebo to your pool area.   Often smaller companies will require you to deal with 3 or for companies to complete your pool remodeling project.  Rest assured that when you work with AOE you will have one great company that can take you through the entire process.

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