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Gunite Pools in Massachusetts

shotcrete workerGunite pools, also known as shotcrete, are one of the three primary methods of construction available to home owners in Massachusetts.  Gunite has many advantages over the other options and is the material of choice for us.  There is some confusion with the various terminologies used to describe these construction materials.  Each option has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.  Once you understand the primary differences between materials, you’ll find that there are numerous options and variances within the specific materials themselves.

Gunite, Shotcrete, and Concrete, What is the Difference?

Not all shotcete pools are created equally.  Like any construction project, there are quality standards that can vary from one contractor to another.  The pool builder’s experience, skill level, and tools can affect the final quality and price of the project.  Your goal is to decide on your choice of materials and then find a reputable swimming pool contractor with an established reputation with competitive prices.

Concrete is the all encompassing term for mixing water with aggregate, and cement.  Shotcrete is the application process where concrete is sprayed or shot out of a hose.  Gunite is a trademarked term to describe a form/method of shotcrete.  Often in other industries you will see a brand or trademarked name take the place of the more accurate common name.  Consider Kleenex or Coke, like Gunite  these terms are used by the public to describe an entire product category, albeit inaccurately.  Shotcrete is the actual industry recognized term, but most of the buying public refer to it as Gunite.

Why Gunite Pools Considered the Best

Gunite Pools

Shotcrete pools allow for complete design customization

If the pool building process is simplified it can help understand how each material performs.  When an inground pool is built, a hole is dug into the lawn and filled with water.  To retain the water and prevent a muddy mess a type of liner is required.

The least expensive option is a vinyl liner.  As expected, vinyl pools are the least durable.  Vinyl liners require periodic repairs and complete replacement every 5 to 10 years.  Vinyl pools also add the least amount of value to a home.

Fiberglass pools are rigid shells that are performed and delivered to the site in one piece.  Each pool can be very durable and typically do not require repairs within the first 10 years of construction.  Fiberglass pools have limitations due to shipping and manufacturing issues.   Because they are delivered on trucks and lifted by a crane their size is typically limited to around 33ft by 15ft by 7ft deep.  Fiberglass pools are view more favorably than vinyl pools by home buyers, thus typically add more value to your home.

Shotcrete Pools

Shotcrete creates a barrier by spraying concrete onto forms created by weaving steel re-bar around the walls of the hole.   Because the process is completed on-site there are no limits on size or shape.  This is the only true custom pool material.  Colors, textures, and shapes are all created based on the customers wishes.  With other materials you must choose an existing product to fit your needs.  With shotcrete pools, you create the pool to match your desires.  Concrete pools also add the most to your home’s value.  We use shotcrete because it is the best available option for building custom pools in eastern Massachusetts.  Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our custom pools and hardscapes.



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