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New Swimming Pools

Types of Swimming Pools

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Aqua Outdoors Environment builds custom inground and gunite pools because of their long-term durability and quality. We have helped hundreds of owners design a longterm makeover to enjoy in their backyard. Although there are other types of swimming pools, we highly recommend inground gunite pools for the best quality.

There are several types of swimming pools to choose from with advantages and disadvantages. The main difference between swimming pools is how the basin is constructed, depending on your landscape and needs the advantages and disadvantages are weighed.

Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are among one of the cheapest options for swimming pools. Why? Because of their design, ease of assembly, and the most come in pre-made kits. To install an above ground pool, installers level off the ground to form a flat building area and measure out the shape of the walls. Using a combination of sand, plumbing, and a filtering system the pool is ready for fun in the sun.

Fiberglass Pools

Designed with reinforced plastic, fiberglass swimming pools are molded into a desired basin shape. Pool construction crews then dig an accurate pool shaped hole, installs plumbing, adds sand as a filler between the ground at the fiberglass frame and lowers the structure into the hole.

Vinyl in-ground Pools

Much like above ground pools vinyl in-ground pools are cheaper than most other in-ground pool designs, but they tend to be less durable, usually needing replaced every 10 years. Similar methods as the fiberglass pools are used to install this type of pool. Construction crews lay sand along the bottom of a dug hole and secure vinyl lining to a structured wall.

Gunite Pools

Gunite pools are the most popular and one of the most durable swimming pools built. Extra design and frame work is needed in order to design these pools. Construction crews dig a hole, installing plumbing and framework with steel reinforced rods. This method designs a grid for the swimming pool construction. The pool construction crew then sprays a gunite mixed solution that looks like concrete. Using a trowel the concrete mixture is professionally smoothed. After about a week of drying and setting, the construction crew comes back and completes the swimming pool with a desired finish of either plaster, concrete paint, title, exposed aggregate, or fiberglass.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools designs are not a common swimming pool construction method anymore. Similarly styled as the gunite pool, concrete pools have some differences in the installation. Instead of spraying a concrete compound on a grid framework, concrete is poured onto metal or wooden formations. Masonry block pools and wall construction still use concrete to make block walls.

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